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Everyone has personal reasons for wanting to optimize oral health by adding dentures to their daily life. Have you recently been in an accident and need to replace missing teeth? Have many years of wear and tear produced decay and permanent damage to your enamel and gums? Or perhaps you’ve never been fully satisfied with the shape of your teeth and smile.

In any case, you’ve decided that you want to improve your life and invest in a new set of dentures.

We’re Koster Denture Clinic — Manitoba’s leader in denture technology. We provide several types of denture services, including:

·         Complete dentures

·         Dentures over implants

·         Invisible partials

·         BPS (lower suction dentures)

·         Avadent Digital Dentures

·         Teeth Whitening

Our goal is to provide happiness to all of our clients and for them to regain the confidence that a beautiful smile can bring. We offer free consultations and follow-up services, same-day repairs and adjustments, and walk-in appointments are always welcome.

Many people often wonder if dentures are worth the financial expense. The cost of dentures varies with the type of service; for example, a complete set of dentures typically costs more than a pair of partials. We accept nearly all dental insurance plans and can bill directly to your provider.

It’s hard to say how much dentures cost without our experts seeing each client in-person. It’s best to speak with your denturist to see what would be best for you. We aim to provide competitive and fair dentures cost in Winnipeg because we care deeply about all of our patients and their wellbeing.

Before you decide on the type of service you\’d like, consider how dentures can improve your physical and emotional wellbeing. The cost of a new set of teeth can provide you with years of happiness and self-assurance. Let’s look at how dentures can brighten up your smile and your life.

Dentures Support Good Oral Health

Many people don’t connect the health of their mouths with the rest of their bodies. Without strong and healthy teeth, people can’t chew and eat nutritious foods such as crunchy fruits and vegetables.

A new set of dentures enables you to eat and chew better, improving digestion and enhancing your overall health. Digestion is essential for breaking down food into nutrients, which the body uses for growth, energy, and cell repair.

All food and drink must be transformed into smaller molecules of nutrients before the blood absorbs them and moves them to cells throughout the body. The body then breaks down nutrients from food and drink into protein, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and vitamins.

You’ll be able to eat a wide variety of foods when you consult with our compassionate experts at Koster Denture Clinic. Foods that were once thought impossible to eat, like apples, nuts, and hard-to-chew meats like a delicious steak, will become much more comfortable to chew and digest once you receive your new dentures.

Dentures Make You Feel Confident

Our services might be affordable, but the feeling you get afterwards is priceless. You may have faced a lifetime behind teeth you didn’t feel comfortable in. Many people don’t like the way their teeth look for several reasons. Some of those include:

·         Teeth stains and discolouration — from red wine, coffee, or regular use of tobacco

·         The position of the teeth — too many gaps or overlapping

·         The shape of the teeth

·         Missing teeth

·         A general dissatisfaction with how the teeth frame the face

There’s a lot of pressure put on society to look perfect. The media and celebrity culture have made it challenging for people to look in the mirror without criticizing the reflection. Despite this unfortunate ongoing search to look perfect at all times, the truth is that sometimes, looking good makes people feel terrific.

Physical appearance has a lot to do with how people view themselves. What’s most important is feeling comfortable within your own skin — not what others think. If your teeth have ever negatively affected how you feel about yourself, it’s time to give yourself confidence with a smile to be proud of.

Modern dentures, whether a full set or partial, can fix the insecurities you may have about the shape of your face, missing teeth, or any other reason that prevents you from smiling. That shine within you will come to light as you begin your new life with dentures. When you feel better about yourself, your emotional wellbeing will also increase.

Dentures Provide Happiness

As you become accustomed to your new dentures, you\’ll feel radiant, confident, and so much happier. At Koster Denture Clinic, we believe in the importance of denture consultations to gain a thorough understanding of your needs. We’ll explore all of the different options we provide and give you time to decide what is best for you — both aesthetically and financially.

We offer different types of dentures for every individual. We have a Standard Denture that’s made with high-quality tooth shades and shapes.

We also have an Equilibrated (premium) Denture that\’s more personalized. It provides superior fit, function, comfort, and aesthetics. These dentures do require more appointments to complete, but they\’re our highest quality choice and are available in acrylic or porcelain.

We offer Immediate Dentures, which are constructed before your remaining teeth are extracted. They’re inserted the same day as your teeth are extracted for comfort and convenience.

As a patient, your happiness is our most important concern. We want to offer you the very best that modern dentures can provide. We ensure that your new set of teeth is comfortable and fit perfectly and that you achieve the aesthetic goal you have in mind.

It’s challenging to walk through life without a smile that makes you feel confident. A new pair of dentures can make you feel more attractive and give you a more fulfilling life by remedying any physical insecurities that bother you. They will also improve your overall health by aiding digestion. If you’re looking for an accessible and affordable way to feel and look great, consider the benefits of modern dentures.