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Are you missing one or several teeth, but don’t require a full set of new dentures? We offer our clients the option of replacing those missing teeth with partial dentures. Missing teeth can cause uncomfortable feelings for some people. Without a full set of teeth, it can be challenging to eat certain foods, engage with people socially, or smile for pictures.

You deserve to live your life with confidence, and if you believe that your smile is holding you back from living life to the fullest, then Koster Denture Clinic is here to help. When you have an excellent denture clinic that you can trust, you\’ll develop a long-lasting and meaningful relationship. We\’re always here to answer your questions and offer genuine, professional advice.

Let’s take a look at how partial dentures can have you smiling from ear to ear in no time.

What are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are removable, convenient, and natural-looking dental appliances that help restore your jaw\’s function and form by replacing one or several missing teeth. Similar to complete dentures, partials are comprised of replacement teeth and a pink base designed to match your natural gum tone.

The visible portions are fabricated with acrylic for an attractive and appealing appearance. Sometimes, the connection reinforces with an underlying metal base.

We are a trusted denture clinic in Winnipeg and we’re proud to call ourselves Manitoba’s leader in denture technology. We offer professional partial denture services, and work with you to find the best needs for your lifestyle and concerns.

Who Needs Them?

If you\’re missing even just one tooth, the bite pressure shifts in your mouth, and the other teeth may begin to move around to compensate for the gap in your bite. You might experience shrinkage in both the soft tissues and the supporting bone near your missing teeth.

This shrinkage of the mouth can drastically change your physical appearance and can lead to subsequent problems with your other teeth. When you use the right dentures, they will keep the underlying structures of your mouth — the jawbone, gums, facial muscles — active and engaged. It helps prevent additional shifting of the other teeth in your mouth while providing you with the confidence of having a beautiful, complete smile.

We use AvaDent Digital dentures — a cutting edge technology that allows us to give you a perfectly precise fit, customized to fit your mouth. Your replacement teeth will feel natural with this technology.

How Do I Use Them?

You wear your partials during the day. Some come with clasps that attach to your natural teeth to ensure that they stay in place. Others stay inside your mouth with adhesive powder.

Lower partial modern dentures will frame your inside jawline to leave room for your tongue to move around freely. Upper dentures will include a portion to imitate the roof of your mouth while holding the replacement teeth.

Can I Eat with Partial Dentures?


Partials provide all of the form and function of natural teeth. It might take some time to adjust to your new teeth, but eventually, you\’ll enjoy most of the foods that you love and have missed for so long.

Start with softer foods and chew slowly on both sides of the mouth. Once you get used to your new set of teeth, you can then move on to harder foods. However, avoid particularly hard or sticky foods.

Can I Sleep with Them in my Mouth?

The safest and healthiest choice is to not sleep with your partial dentures in place. Owners should clean the dentures outside of the mouth, which provides the opportunity to ensure no food particles are held in or around the dentures. It\’s crucial to clean your dentures correctly every day and vital for the overall health of your gums.

Your gums will also benefit from the opportunity to rest and recover overnight. Some patients may clench their teeth in their sleep, and this pressure can cause damage to natural teeth as well as your dentures.

How Do I Clean Them?

You\’d be surprised at how easy it is to clean your removable dentures! Over-the-counter products specifically made for dentures generally work better than attempting to brush the partials with a toothbrush.

Your toothpaste and toothbrush are perfect for natural teeth — replacement teeth are not made of the same material, and the abrasive ingredients of the toothpaste can be harmful to the surface of the replacement teeth.

Each night before you go to bed, remove them from your mouth and soak them in a product of your choice. If you’re in a hurry and want to freshen up, some products offer a quick fix that allows you to place them in a cleaning solution for about five-minutes. Your mouth will feel clean in no time!

What Not To Do

In addition to not using a regular toothbrush, you should also avoid the following:

Whitening Toothpaste: toothpaste advertised as whitening paste usually contains peroxide, which does very little to change the colour of denture teeth. This toothpaste will also wear down your replacement teeth quickly because the harsh ingredients can scratch the denture — creating more buildup and staining.

Abrasive Cleaning Products: Refrain from using stiff-bristled brushes and heavy-duty cleansers. They\’re too harsh and could potentially cause damage.

Products with Bleach: Bleaching products can weaken the replacement teeth and change their colour.

Hot Water: You risk warping the shape of your dentures when you place them in boiling or hot water. The high temperature causes the acrylic to lose its shape. However, if you don\’t soak them at all, you also risk ruining their form. Always remember to keep them in lukewarm water overnight.

If you\’re considering a new set of dentures, it\’s always better to come to a clinic that you know well and can count on. We treat our clients just like family. Come by and learn more about our denture clinic for a free consultation — you won’t even need a dentist referral. And who knows, you might walk out feeling more confident than you ever could have imagined.