The Koster difference


All patients of Koster Denture Clinic can take advantage of the Koster difference. It's what sets us apart from the competition!

  • Free consultations

  • Free follow-up care, check-ups

  • Same day repairs, adjustments, relines, rebases and additions

  • Extractions can be arranged

  • Electronic billing

  • Written quotes and treatment plans

  • A dentist’s referral is not necessary

  • Walk-ins welcome

  • Financing available


Complete Dentures

Standard Dentures  
We offer a quality standard denture made with basic tooth shades and shapes.

Standard Dentures with High Quality Teeth
We also offer a standard denture that is made with high quality tooth shades and shapes. With this option we offer more choices for the shade and teeth used.

Equilibrated (premium) Denture
This denture is more personalized and provides superior fit, function, comfort and aesthetics. These dentures require more appointments to complete, but offer the highest quality of denture in our clinic, available in acrylic or porcelain teeth.

Immediate Dentures
Immediate dentures are constructed before your remaining teeth are extracted. These dentures are inserted the same day as your teeth are extracted.



At Koster Denture Clinic, you have options for your denture care. In many cases, such as when you’re only missing a few natural teeth, you can opt for a partial denture to enhance your smile. These advanced pieces can be customized to fit your lifestyle, including removable partials. One of our family staff in Winnipeg, Arborg, or Ashern would be happy to walk you through the decision and answer all your questions about partial dentures. This way, you can make the best choice for your denture needs.



Implant-supported dentures provide a valuable and progressive choice in denture care. When you’re in need of a denture solution with more support and more stability than traditional dentures, implants might be a good option for you. If you’re experiencing dentures that are too loose or make it challenging to perform everyday functions, implants can often resolve these issues. Our family staff in Winnipeg, Arborg, and Ashern are ready to talk with you about implants and give you back your confident smile.


IvoBase Injector

The most advanced processing system for new dentures, extremely dense acrylic, which helps with less staining and odor. And best of all the denture base will fit more accurately with fewer adjustments.


Denture Care

Caring for your dentures is about more than just an office visit. When you visit our family denture specialists, you’re also able to select the denture supplies you need for at-home care. Our experienced specialists can help you choose between denture brushes, cleaning solutions, containers, and more. We’re also here to answer all your questions when you stop by in Winnipeg, Arborg, or Ashern.   


Teeth Whitening

Almost everyone with healthy teeth will benefit from tooth whitening. There is virtually no downside and lots of upside. As long as you do not have any fillings or crowns on your front teeth, you will benefit from tooth whitening by having a whiter, younger smile.