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BPS Lower Suction Dentures

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Koster Denture Clinic is a certified clinician & laboratory for BPS Lower Suction Dentures in Winnipeg. Learn about the revolutionary new denture technology!

8 Common Denture Problems and How To Solve Them


Dentures are the answer to getting a complete set of teeth after losing two or more. However, they also come with their own problems. Before you worry about what these might be, it is best to learn a little bit about this dental device. Knowing More About Dentures Dentures commonly restore missing teeth and their […]

Your Guide to the First 30 Days With Dentures


How long is the adjustment period for new dentures? Replacing lost or missing teeth with dentures will benefit your appearance and oral health. But, while they are an effective way to restore your natural smile, getting used to the feel of dentures in your mouth takes some time. In Canada, the percentage of adults with […]

These Are the Signs You May Need Dentures


When you lose your teeth, you have three options: do nothing, get full or partial dentures, or get dental implants. If you decide not to replace your teeth, your overall health can suffer. Your nutrition can decline, and even your speech and appearance may change. Suppose you haven’t lost your teeth, but they’re decaying because […]

The Benefits of Teeth Whitening


According to a recent report, the teeth whitening market could reach a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 6 percent from 2021 to 2026. The data shows that more and more people are becoming aware of how the appearance of your teeth and a great smile can do wonders for one’s self-confidence. This article […]

Oral Hygiene Tips for People With Dentures


When you say goodbye to some or all your teeth, it’s common for your facial muscles to sag. This can make you look older. While dental implants can fill in the gap, making you look younger, this option can be somewhat cost-prohibitive. Dentures that look like your natural teeth is a great choice for such […]

How Does Teeth Whitening Work


Brushing and flossing are easy, everyday ways to keep your teeth clean and healthy. Still, you\’re not alone if you think your smile has lost its lustre or has become more yellow than it was before. Drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes and medicines like tetracycline may discolour our teeth. However, there are various alternatives available to […]

What To Expect Before & After Getting Dentures


Getting dentures may be a necessity now that you’ve lost some teeth, but it can be stressful if you aren’t a fan of the dentist. For plenty of people, their worries centre around the unknown. When you don’t know what will happen in the denturist’s chair, your imagination fills in the details. And if your […]