The teeth-in-a-day technique, is the most effective way to replace your missing teeth. We can provide our patients with beautiful, functional non-removable teeth all in one appointment.

By offering multiple procedures in one appointment, our patients benefit from avoiding the stress and discomfort of enduring multiple invasive procedures stretched over many appointments. This means you will never be without teeth during the treatment, and you will have more time to enjoy your personal life. Moreover, this technique usually allows us to avoid bone grafting. Bone grafting can add additional treatment time, discomfort and expense.

The Teeth-in-a-day technique is an excellent alternative to wearing conventional dentures. It alleviates so much of what people dislike about wearing dentures. Some of the benefits include:

  • Enjoy social settings again without fear of embarrassing moments caused by loose bulky dentures
  • No more denture adhesive
  • No more sore spots
  • Regain almost all of your natural chewing and biting ability – enjoy eating what you want to eat
    instead of the foods your dentures will only allow you to eat.
  • Look and feel younger – dental implants preserve jaw bone and facial anatomy

Implant-retained removable overdentures

The biggest decision you and your dentist must make is determining which type of solution is best for you. Despite the fact that patients considering implant treatment tend to contemplate a fixed restoration first, implant-retained removable overdentures can also significantly improve eating function and, at the same time, fulfill most expectations and demands.

What are Implant-retained removable overdentures

Removable overdentures allow you to remove your teeth for cleaning and can be easily “snapped” securely back-into-place on top of the dental implants. Depending on your specific situation, as few as two-to-four dental implants can make a big difference in securing your denture.

2-Implant retained overdenture

2-Implant retained overdenture

4-Implant retained overdenture

4-Implant retained overdenture


Implant supported dentures withstand the forces of biting and chewing much better than conventional dentures. The dental implants support your new teeth. They do not rest or rub on your gums. Your new teeth won’t rock or rub against your gums. You will experience improved confidence. Know that your teeth will remain in place while you speak, eat or laugh. For upper arches, you will experience a significantly improved ability to taste your food since the palate or roof of your mouth is not covered as with conventional dentures.

Dental implant supported dentures obviously require the placement of dental implants. A benefit over conventional dentures is that implants can help prevent shrinkage of the jaw bone and surrounding facial muscles which can cause facial shrinkage and the appearance of premature aging. Chewing with dental implants stimulates the jawbone and surrounding
muscles, which in turn prevents facial shrinkage and the appearance of premature aging.

Facial Shrinkage with Conventional Dentures

Facial Shrinkage with Conventional Dentures

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