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After completing in-depth training and certification with one of Canada’s leading practitioners of SEMCD (Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Denture), Koster Denture Clinic is now a certified clinician and laboratory for this revolutionary new denture technology.


What are BPS lower suction dentures?

Dr. Jiro Abe in Japan has developed a revolutionary new technique to achieve suction in lower denture! Up until now we all believed that suction on lower dentures is impossible and the only way to keep them stable is with costly implants.

How is this done?

  • Revolutionary new impression technique using slow setting, high definition material to capture muscles of cheek and tongue
  • New tooth positioning to work in harmony with your muscle
  • High definition impression materials
  • Special bio-functional teeth
  • Lower distortion acrylic injection machine to gain superior fit
  • Adjustable articulator to simulate your jaw movements
  • Special contouring and shaping of the denture to work in harmony with your muscle movements when chewing and speaking while in function

Will it work for me?

  • 80% of patients are candidates for our lower suction dentures.
  • An exam will be performed in a consultation to see if you’re a candidate, but the level of suction will be known after the final impression is taken. Even if you’re not a candidate for lower suction dentures you will have a better fit. Food will not be as likely to get underneath your denture.

These dentures are incredibly more biocompatible than conventional dentures. We still offer conventional dentures for those that need an affordable option.

No Implants! No Suction Cups! No Gimmicks!

To learn more about BPS lower suction dentures or the different dental replacement options available from Koster Denture Clinic, book a free consult at the link below, or call 1-204-589-3337.