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If you have missing or malfunctioning teeth and want to improve your appearance and self-confidence, dentures are an excellent solution. Nothing beats the feeling of looking into the mirror for the first time with your brand new set of dentures. Your face might hurt for a few days from smiling so much, but it’s worth it.

Many people forget that dentures come in many different forms. Are you currently looking for a new set? There are several aspects to consider before settling on one denture type. For example, maybe you\’re looking to replace only a few teeth instead of a full set of teeth. Or, perhaps you’re considering digital dentures but aren’t sure of the advantages. Regardless, you’re excited to change your life for the better with a new set of dentures

We’re Koster Denture Clinic, and we’re proud to be Manitoba’s leader in denture technology. You’ll find the denturist in Winnipeg that you\’ve been looking for with us because of the quality and dedication our team delivers. We\’ve created a guide outlining the different dentures that we offer to check out. Before you make a final denture decision, read through our guide and choose the right type of denture that suits your needs best.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures replace all the teeth in a patient’s mouth. They\’ll sit on top of the gum instead of the dental bridges anchoring existing teeth. If you have several teeth missing that cause you to experience ongoing problems, complete dentures might be just for you. With a new set of full, complete dentures, you\’ll feel better about your appearance, chew food better, and your confidence will soar. 

At Koster Denture Clinic, we offer four different types of dentures:

  • Standard Dentures: quality dentures made with general tooth shades and shapes

  • Standard Dentures with High-Quality Teeth: these are traditional dentures made with high-quality tooth shades and shapes, with more tooth shade and shape options available.

  • Immediate Dentures: We construct immediate dentures before your remaining teeth are extracted, and they’re inserted the same day as the tooth extraction.

  • Equilibrated (Premium) Dentures: A more personalized fit, these dentures provide superior fit, function, aesthetics, and comfort. The Equilibrated Dentures require more appointments than our other standard styles, but they offer incredible quality. They’re available in porcelain or acrylic teeth.

Partial Dentures 

Do you still have some of your natural teeth, and you’d like to keep them? One of the benefits of partial dentures is getting the opportunity to keep some of your teeth while replacing any missing gaps. They’re held inside the mouth by clasps that fit onto your natural teeth. At Koster, we customize advanced partial denture pieces to fit your lifestyle. For example, we have removable partials for whenever you want to clean them or take a break. A partial denture can dramatically enhance your smile and confidence level. 

Even if you\’re missing just a couple of teeth, that space within your mouth can lower your self-esteem. You might refrain from smiling for photos or cover your mouth with your hand and not even recognize that you’re doing it. Talk to one of our experts for more information on how we can fix that and provide you with the confidence you need to feel like your old self again.

Digital Dentures 

Did you know you can wear dentures made from sophisticated computer-aided design and engineering? We offer Ava Dent digital dentures at Koster Denture Clinic, a digital technology platform for dentures. It’s a fast, efficient denture-making process that also provides an effective digital management system. When you decide to get AvaDent dentures, you\’ll also have a permanent digital record on your prosthesis file. 

If you lose or damage your dentures, having a permanent digital record of them on file will make repairing or replacing those dentures quickly and easily. Our professional denturists will create new digital dentures almost immediately because of your file. We\’ll permanently keep your records on the software program, so if you ever lose them or have an accident, our specialists can quickly remake them in a flash.

A new set of digital dentures will fit perfectly inside your mouth, providing precision and comfort. Your new teeth will line up precisely with your smile line and jaw, making your teeth aesthetically authentic. You might even forget that they’re artificial because they’ll feel so natural and comfortable!

Lower Suction Dentures 

Koster Denture Clinic is proud to have completed an in-depth training and certification program with one of Canada\’s leading practitioners of SEMCD (Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Denture). We\’re now a certified laboratory and clinician for this revolutionary denture technology. Until SEMCD, denture specialists didn’t believe that lower suction dentures could exist — that suction was impossible and that the only way dentures could securely fit in the mouth was with costly implants.

However, with this new technology, it is possible! We use a revolutionary impression technique with a slow setting and high definition material to capture the cheek and tongue muscles. Such precise teeth impressions work in harmony with your tongue and cheek muscles, creating better comfort and fit. Our lower suction dentures operate with:

  • An adjustable articulator to simulate your jaw movements

  • Unique bio-functional teeth

  • A lower distortion acrylic injection machine that provides superior fit

  • Customized shaping and contouring to work in harmony with your specific muscle movements, such as speaking and chewing.

Our patients receive a consultation exam to see if lower suctions dentures are right for them, and 80% of our patients are candidates. They\’re significantly more biocompatible than conventional dentures since they fit and function well inside the mouth. We encourage patients to check them out, but we also continue to offer traditional dentures.

We love helping people feel better about themselves and believe that dentures have the power to do precisely that. Just remember to find the right type for you and your lifestyle. Give us a call anytime at Koster Denture Clinic. While there have been a couple of changes around the clinic since the pandemic began, we’re still open and excited to provide you friendly, safe, and helpful advice.