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The professional denturists at Koster Denture Clinic in Winnipeg are ready to assist you in choosing the best dentures for your personal needs. We offer partial dentures for patients who have some remaining natural teeth and need to fill in the gaps. We will guide you through the process of determining your dental preferences and explaining everything you need to know about partial denture care.

What Are Partial Dentures?

As with complete dentures, a partial denture is made up of replacement teeth and a pink base designed to match your natural tones. These visible portions are fabricated with acrylic for an attractive appearance. The connection is sometimes reinforced with an underlying metal base.

Who Can Wear Partial Dentures

If all teeth in the jaw have been removed, a complete denture would be required. If you have natural teeth remaining in your jaw, a partial denture can be designed to attach to those teeth.

How Do Partial Dentures Remain in Place?

Partial dentures are designed with clasps that attach to your remaining natural teeth. These clasps ensure that that your dentures stay put. Lower partial dentures will frame your inside jawline to allow room for your tongue to move freely. Upper partial dentures will include a portion to mimic the roof of your mouth while containing the replacement teeth.

How Do I Clean My Partial Dentures?

Cleaning your removable dentures has never been easier. Patients are encouraged to use the over-the-counter products specifically made for dentures instead of attempting to brush the replacement teeth with a toothbrush. Since the replacement teeth are not made of the same materials as natural ones, the abrasive ingredients of toothpaste can damage the surface of the dentures.

Simply remove your partial dentures daily and soak in the product of your choice. You will be able to enjoy the fresh, clean feeling of your replacement teeth within minutes.

What Is the Adjustment Period Like?

As you get used to your new teeth, you will need to focus on chewing your food evenly and using both natural and replacement teeth. Avoid chewing gum as you get used to how the dentures feel.

Choosing to replace missing teeth with partial dentures will help improve your ability to chew, restore the natural structure of your jaw area and help in producing clear speech.

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