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Our patients in Winnipeg often ask us if upgrading to an electric toothbrush is a sound decision. Both electric and manual toothbrushes have their benefits, and understanding these benefits makes it easier to decide between the two.

Electric Toothbrushes Are Easier to Use

A manual toothbrush can work just as well as an electric toothbrush, but an electric toothbrush makes brushing much easier because it does all the work. Electric toothbrushes can also complete more motions per minute: 30,000 or more. Manual toothbrushes, in comparison, create about 5,000 brushing motions per minute.

Electric toothbrushes work especially well for children and senior citizens who have trouble using manual toothbrushes.

Manual Toothbrushes Are More Affordable

When it comes to price, manual toothbrushes will always be much less expensive than their electric alternatives. Manual toothbrushes are often available for $2 per brush or less with prices being cheapest when buying in bulk.

Electric toothbrushes can be more affordable than people realize. We’ve seen effective electric toothbrushes available in the range of $15 to $20, but they’ll never be as cheap as manual toothbrushes.

Although many electric toothbrushes have charging docks, others use batteries, which add to their cost. The cost of replacement toothbrush heads will be more than the cost of buying a new manual toothbrush.

Electric Toothbrushes Can Provide More Thorough Cleaning

For cleaning ability, electric toothbrushes are better. They get rid of more plaque, on average, which also makes them the superior choice for teeth whitening. They clean more of the gums, helping to prevent gingivitis.

Because of their cleaning advantages, electric toothbrushes are the best choice for denture care. None of this is to say that manual toothbrushes are ineffective. With proper brushing technique, they are more than adequate; they simply fall a bit short of electric toothbrushes.

Manual Toothbrushes Are More Portable

Neither an electric toothbrush nor a manual toothbrush takes up too much space, but manual toothbrushes are easier to take on the go. They’re much smaller, and they don’t require a charging dock like most electric toothbrushes.

We recommend electric toothbrushes for their effectiveness and ease of use, but manual toothbrushes can also keep teeth clean and healthy with the right technique.

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