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Here at Koster Denture Clinic, our primary goal is to provide our customers with the latest technology in denture care so as to ensure that their needs are always met. If you\’re searching for the best dentures, you\’ll be pleased to know that we use AvaDent technology in the creation of complete dentures, allowing you to have a wonderful smile, with exceptional fit and function.  We are proud to offer this cutting edge technology.

What Is AvaDent?

AvaDent is basically a digital platform that we use for the creation of your dentures. This platform is designed to be faster and provide better results, allowing our patients to receive well-fitted dentures in no time. The technology available with this design software facilitates the creation of premium dentures, due largely to the fact that it provides us with full control over every facet of the design.

When utilizing this technology, all of the dentures created by our denturists have digital records that are kept secure on a permanent basis, allowing us to deliver new dentures to you in an instant if ever yours are damaged or lost. Given that this software is so easy to use, there\’s less of a chance of an error being made when crafting the dentures, which ensures that yours fit properly when we provide them to you.

How You Can Benefit From AvaDent

While many of the benefits of the AvaDent technology are immediately noticeable to us, these benefits also translate to you the patient. This technology is exceedingly precise, which means that the final dentures should fit your mouth very well. It\’s also very easy to use as stone models are no longer utilized and computer skills aren\’t required for us to incorporate the technology into our denture services.

One of the best aspects of AvaDent is that it\’s more efficient than the technology we\’ve used in the past, allowing us to handle more cases and minimizing human error during the creation of your dentures. Once we\’ve taken a impression and a bite registration , there\’s a turnaround time of just six days, with the digital records being kept forever.

If you need a new set of dentures, the AvaDent technology we use can provide you with exactly what you\’re searching for. We also offer a wide range of additional dental services in Winnipeg, from dentures over implants, partial dentures to teeth whitening, so don\’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with us today.

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