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Denturism is the practice in which removable dentures are made, altered, repaired and relined. Denturists are the professionals who specialize in the practice. Their involvement in the process runs from start to finish.

Traditional Exams and Fittings

The process begins with an examination of the mouth. During the first appointment, the denturist also obtains the dental and medical history of the patient. The design process starts with taking a set of impressions.

The second visit is a measuring appointment. A denturist uses wax denture bases to determine the correct bite and find the relationship between the gums.

During a try-in appointment, the denturist arranges the teeth to achieve the desired look. When the denturist and patient reach an agreement on the way the teeth look, the denturist sets the teeth and finishes them in acrylic.

During the last visit, the denturist inserts the teeth and makes necessary adjustments.

Advanced Technology

Denturists using the latest technology offer the AvaDent digital platform. The approach is easier, faster and better than traditional methods of creating dentures. It provides patients with more security in the form of permanent digital records of the prosthesis. Standard clinical procedures include easy digital design controls and occlusion. The turnaround time for AvaDent dentures in Winnipeg is six days.

Patients have complete control over the design. Only two appointments are necessary for this approach because the digital precision provides an exceptional fit. The outcome is predictable and bio-hygienic with less residual monomer.

Other Dental Services

The majority of a denturist\’s practice is the treatment of edentulous patients. Working on completed dentures and partial dentures is not the only service offered. The denturist also works on other removable prostheses, such as:

  • Immediate dentures

  • Overdentures

  • Implant-supported dentures

Many denturists in Winnipeg also provide ongoing denture care such as teeth whitening, relining or rebasing. Rebasing is the process that refits dentures to restore suction diminished by gum changes and bone loss. Depending on the damage, fixing fractured or broken dentures is another service offered.

Denturists only work on removable dentures. Dental implants, bridges or crowns are not offered by a denturist. They perform no services that pertain to denture preparation such as extractions or inserting implants before denture placement.

The training and experience of denturists give them an advantage in the clinical and laboratory procedures involved in the treatment of edentulous and semi-edentulous patients.

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